Frequently Asked Questions......
What is the difference between a Frame tent and a Pole tent and which do I need?
Pole tents have perimeter “side poles” and “center poles” going down the center of the
tent. Pole tents use ratchet straps that extend to stakes that are 6-8 feet out from each
side pole. Frame tents only have perimeter (side poles) and no center poles. Because of the
cost to purchase frame tents and the increase in labor to set up a frame tent, these tents
are generally more expensive to rent than pole tents. Pole tents are generally
used for weddings, parties and gatherings that have plenty of space. Frame tents are
generally used in areas of limited space where you are trying to get the most tent in the
smallest space and are great for parking lot sales, street parties where it is impossible to
drill in the surface or where a center pole is not acceptable.

What size tent do I need?
This depends on what you are going to do under the tent and the number of people you
expect to be under the tent at any given time. Banquet or Dinner Seating (people sitting
at tables) and Cathedral Seating (people sitting in chairs in rows like in a theater) are
listed in the seating chart. If you are going to have a dance floor, DJ/Band, buffet tables,
gift tables, etc you will need to make allowances for this by going to the next size tent or
maybe even two sizes up. If you are not sure please call our office where one of our
experienced tent installers will help you decide.

How much space do I need for each type of tent?
Pole Tents: It is best if you have an unobstructed space 15-feet greater than the width
and 15-feet greater than the length. For example if you want to rent a 30x60 Pole Tent
you should have an unobstructed space of 45x75.
Frame Tents: Need minimal additional space – as little as 5-feet greater than the width
and 5-feet greater than the length.

Does the price of the tent include set up and tear down?

How far in advance should I reserve my tent?
Although we have several tents of every size it is best if you reserve your tent as early as
possible to ensure the size you want is available and that you have plenty of time to get
required permits/testing accomplished.

When do you set the tent up?
As a general rule we like to put tents up two to three-days prior to your event and take
them down the next business day. This gives us time to postpone in case of inclement
weather on the day originally scheduled for installation and allows you time to decorate!

Are the tents weather proof?
Under normal weather conditions tents provide a dry haven for outdoor events. Tents
are temporary structures and ARE NOT intended to be occupied during lightning or high
winds – evacuate to a permanent structure during inclement severe weather.

Can someone from Premier Tent & Event look at our area and tell us the size tent
we can put up?
Yes! We are happy to come to your place and survey the area. We encourage job site
inspections to ensure proper tent size and style selection.

What if I only need the tent for 1-day can I get the tent at a cheaper rate?
Our charges are the same for 1-day or 5-days as a large part of tent pricing is the labor
that is involved in setting up a tent and then cleaning it when it is returned. Additional
days/weeks/months are priced at a discount (please contact us for details).

You still didn’t answer all of my questions!
Please call our office and we will put you in touch with one of our experienced tent
installers who will satisfactorily answer all of your questions.

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