Premier Tent & Event has pole tents available in several sizes. Our pole
tent inventory can cover your graduation party of 40 to your company
picnic for 1000. Pole Tents range in width from 20-80 feet and can stretch
to virtually any length. All of our pole tents are white and high peaked with
smooth curves providing a modern profile that will coordinate with any
event. We also have flags available in an assortment of colors to match your
school or company colors.
Pole Tents
Premier Tent & Event
Events that will be Remembered
Weddings - Graduations - Corporate Events - Sales Promotions - Parties
A pole tent requires a set of poles arranged beneath the vinyl top to
support the structure. The top is tensioned over the poles and attached
to anchoring devices at tensioning points around the tent topís perimeter.
The top is anchored to the surface using stakes. Because of the staking
system, pole tents are ideal on grass, gravel, or asphalt.