General Event Planning Information
Cocktail Parties (standing room only)
Cocktail Parties (with some seated)
Dinner using 8' Banquet tables
Dinner using 5' Round tables
Cathedral seating (seating in rows)
Dance area
5-6 square feet per person
8 square feet per person
8 square feet per person
10 square feet per person
6 square feet per person
5 square feet per dancer / 2 sq. ft. per attendee
Aside from main traffic aisles, allow
4.5 between round tables for chair
and service space, and 5 between
oblong tables where seating is back
to back. This permits 24 service
space behind 18 chair depth.
Tables (seating capacities)
8' x 30" Banquet
5' Round
Seats 8-10
Seats 8-10
Party CAD
This program allows us to design to
scale your wedding, party, banquet,
and much more. Develop the perfect
layout to determine the correct tent
size with the ideal table and chair